Airdrop and Bounty Instruction

Airdrop — is the distribution of some tokens nahalyavu, for no reason. Coins are sent to people free of charge, for beautiful eyes. Well, or for registering somewhere

It looks in a way similar to how troops are dropped from the airplane on a parachute ammunition and provisions

Airdrop — the term meaning this procedure in the Western armies (literally — «dumping from the air»). Here, in the role of ammunition, we have a crypto currency, and in the role of a receiving area with a beacon — our wallet.

Airdrops are beneficial to the creators of crypto currency for the same reason as bounty. More people are holders of their coins — more hype and interest of the masses — more the value of their crypts. Developers, arranging such a free distribution of their crypto currency, in fact, give air, and receive the growth of the value of all their coins. Another of the miracles of the crypt.

Airdrop can be on very different conditions — it depends on the organizers of everything. Here, for example, only a few possible options:

Coins are given for registration on the project website;
Coins are given to all holders of some other coin or several coins (for example, to all people who had PAY, DGD, CDT or ZRX on the ether-purse on August 18, 17, charged INDORSE tokens);
Coins are given to those who already are holders of these coins (that is, as if a passive percentage is dripping into the account in this crypt)
Well, and a bunch of other, more complex options.

There are also distributions of crypto-currency with tasks — such a hybrid of airdrop and bounty. In general, the rules are such that there are no rules.

For each airship a certain number of coins are charged, costing about $ 5-500, then these coins are usually expensive several times and you can sell them

Here are the accruals from one Airdrop, to which I spent 10 minutes, and such will be more than once.                            


Detailed plan of action:
1. Create Google mail, even if you have it, it’s better to create a new one, be sure to write down the password from it!

2. Create an etherium purse (, in some eyrrdrops you will need another purse, for example, bitcoin-purse, create it. Passwords and keys to them always save somewhere, it will be insulting if you can not get money because you forgot your password. Important! When in the field you are asked to enter ETH addres, MEW addres, ERC20 addres-enter the address of your etherium purse.

3. Sign up for Twitter and Facebook

5. Then go to the list from our channel on Telegram: BTC_ETH_LTC FREE FAUSET and on facebook: Bounty Hunter Club & Airdrop, ICO

It is mandatory: 1) Create an account on the top-level Binance crypto exchange here.
There you will be able to sell your tokens upon receipt.

2) Create an account at the best among the bestchange exchangers here. Its advantages in the minimum commission for the exchange of funds, a wide choice of currencies and a small threshold of entry for exchange.

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