Decentralized Ecosystem to reward Gamers

Decentralized Ecosystem to reward Gamers

KAYOCREDITS is a Decentralized ecosystem designed for gamers to earn through their skills and monetize their in-game achievements. KAYOCREDITS addresses the issue of false credentials, fraud in game assets trade and lack of escrow service for every transaction.
KAYOcredits is a decentralized platform for gamers and users to earn money based on their skills. KAYO ecosystem is essential for Gamers to rent out their services, developers to use our tokens to gamify their websites or games and advertisers to target specific potential customers for their product or expand themselves in to gaming community through KAYOCredits.
Our ecosystem helps user in easy betting of e-sports outcomes, fair and fast in-game assets trade, monetize their skills, giving developer a platform to advertise their games and advertisers to sponsor gamers and advertise their products to a vast audience.


A platform that enables players to challenge each other and earn kayo credits
In-Game assests transaction validator.
Escrow Service for peer to peer transaction.
Fraud solution for gaming trades.
SDK for seamless integration with any games.
Platform for gamers to earn money through skills.
Single currency for mulipule usage on the platform.
Place for sponsors to market their products.
Marketing platform for esports events.
Arbitration services for any disputes.


For token sale, Kayo Credits Token uses Ethereum erc20 token standard.
Token issue – 30 days after the end of Token Sale with their subsequent placement on user’s ERC20 wallets
Date when Kayo Credits Token gets listed on stock exchanges — TBA
Standard KYC and AML rules will apply.

The pre-sale of KayoCredits will start on 30th May 2018 and will end on 30th June 2018.

The main sale has not been decided yet and will be announced soon after the completion of the Pre-sale.

Inside the platform, a special KYO token built using the ERC20 standard will be used. Ie it can be stored both inside the platform and in your own purse Ephyrium, for example Ethereum wallet, Mist, KYO tokens can be used not only inside the platform, but also operate on crypto-exchange exchanges. A total of 1,000,000,000 tokens will be issued. A soft cap for fees is set at $ 2 million. The hard cap at the pre-sale stage is adjusted to the level of $ 15 million.

The cost of 1 KYO token is 0.05 cents.

The minimum amount for investment during pre-sale is 1 ETH, the maximum amount is 5 ETH. And for those who will undergo the identification procedure, there is no limit. You can invest in both crypto currency and fiat funds: ETH, BTC, LTC, USD, EUR, GBP.

Join our white-list today and be a part of new age gaming revolution.
In order to be a part of the ICO you need to join our whitelist and complete your KYC on our website, after receiving the confirmation from our side, you can purchase KYO tokens.
KAYO CREDITS ( ) Tokens are sent automatically through Ethereum Smart-contract. KAYO Smart-contract is placed on GitHub. It is open and accessible to everyone.
PS: As per Government guidelines and SEC restrictions, Residents of USA and Republic of China are not allowed to participate in the Token sale and Pre-sale.
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